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Riverside Health Care Accessibility Plan: 2019-2024

Riverside Health Care is committed to creating an inclusive environment and accessible care. Accommodating the needs of our patients, clients, residents, visitors and staff members is integral to delivering the highest quality of care possible.

We are continually working to make all our spaces more accessible, across the Rainy River District.The 2019-2024 Accessibility Plan is the second multi-year plan prepared by our Accessibility Committee with the goal of providing exceptional and accessible service to all, and removing all barriers to this opportunity. The Accessibility Plan is the foundation for this.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was introduced in 2004, with the objective of the related standards that have been put in place intended to create a barrier-free and fully accessible Ontario by 2025. The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service required our organization to meet a number of requirements by January of 2010 that would ensure we were embedding the principles of accessibility in our interactions with our clients, residents, and patients. A set of Integrated Standards were introduced since that time which include regulations addressing information and communications, employment, and transportation. This multi-year plan describes when these requirements will be met, in addition to outlining our ongoing efforts to be as barrier-free as possible.

2019-2024 Accessibility Plan

2020 Annual Accessibility Status Report

Accessibility Form

In our ongoing efforts to reduce the barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities we would like to invite you to share your experience with us. Did you have difficulty accessing our services because of the physical environment or the knowledge of our staff members? Was there anything that you found to be especially helpful? We like to know where we can make improvements and, when we're doing something right, we want to make sure we keep doing it. Your feedback will help us with these efforts.

*This feedback pertains to (choose all that apply): :
This feedback pertains to (choose all that apply):

*Did you have any difficulties with the physical environment (walkways, doorways, lighting, etc.)? :
Did you have any difficulties with the physical environment (walkways, doorways, lighting, etc.)?

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