Family Violence

Family/domestic violence is a serious crime. All people have the right to feel safe in their homes and communities. Women and children are the primary victims of domestic violence. Violence can have lasting harmful effects on victims and has a tragic impact on children. Threatening, hitting, kicking, punching, pushing, stalking and harassing another person are crimes. Having sex with a person against that person's will is also a crime. Being married does not change this. A person committing these acts can be arrested, charged, convicted and jailed.

Psychological, emotional and financial abuse should also not be tolerated, although they are not considered to be crimes. If you or your children are experiencing any of these forms of abuse, you are not alone. There is help. If you do not wish to call the police or you are experiencing other forms of abuse, there are resources in your community to help you. Talk to your doctor, Riverside Community Couselling or community health centre. They know about services in your community that can help you and your children. There is also an Office for Victims of Crime that looks at how services to victims of crime in Ontario are being provided. You can write to this office if you have concerns about any gaps in the services you require.
It is important to find out about resources in your community. If you have to leave your home and you have no money and no place to stay, you may be able to get financial assistance, subsidized housing, legal aid and free counselling.

Primary target groups for counseling services are adult women victims/survivors and family members where violence is an issue. Secondary and community development activities include group work, education, consultation and planning.

Family violence address all forms of violence across the life span including:

  • unresolved child
  • spousal
  • elder abuse
  • sexual assault.

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