Patient Information

We know that a hospital stay can be a stressful time for you and your family.  At Riverside Health Care, we do whatever we can to make your overnight hospital stay as comfortable and as safe as possible.

Our Patient Information Booklet offers a comprehensive look at our facilities and services and is a great starting point for our clients and community members. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Please remember Riverside Health Care has a 'Fragrance-Free Environment.' 

Patient Safety Information

Patient Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities

Resident's Bill of Rights

Community Support Services Client Bill of Rights

What to Bring

If you will be staying in the hospital for one or two nights, you should bring your own toiletries such as soap, towel, shampoo, toothbrush, comb and a razor. You may also bring sleepwear, books and magazines. Talk to your doctor about anything else you may need based on the nature of your visit before coming to the hospital.

Bring Along

  • Ontario Health Card
  • All your current medications you take in their original containers if possible.
  • Insurance coverage information (with the name, address and telephone number of your insurance company)
  • Major credit card for services not covered by OHIP, telephone or television charges
  • Small change for newspapers, magazines, pen and stationery
  • Nightgown, PJs, robe and slippers with a non-slip sole
  • Comfortable clothing, slippers and/or shoes to wear when you are leaving and returning home
  • Glasses/contact lenses. Please bring the case to store your glasses/contacts.

Leave at Home

  • Valuables such as rings, watches, jewellery.
  • Large sums of money.
  • Larger-sized, plug in electrical equipment
  • Products with scent, Riverside is a "Fragrance Free Environment"

If your admission is unexpected, please send your valuables home. The hospital assumes no responsibility for patient’s possessions.

Be Involved in Your Health Care

If you have concerns which require immediate attention, please tell your nurse or speak with the person in charge in your area. Alert staff of any allegies or sensitivities you may have. Please follow posted instructions regarding infection control procedures and if you are unsure, ask the nursing staff for assistance. Ask your Nurse about any new medication ordered for you. Check your medications before you take them and let the Nurse know if they don’t look right. Only take medications or vitamins given to you by the nursing staff.

Nursing Call System

Each hospital bed has a nursing call system for your safety and convenience.  A call button is found either on a cord attached to your bed or directly installed into both bed side rails.  When you push the button, a light will turn on over your bed or area and at the nursing station to show you need help.  You will receive personal assistance as soon as possible.

Food and Nutrition Services

The Department of Nutrition & Food Services at Riverside Health Care is dedicated to the promotion of optimal nutrition for patients, residents, and clients. This is achieved through the provision of a quality foodservice, nutrition awareness and analysis of leading practices. Good nutrition is essential for recovery and good health.  Our team of food service professionals prepare tasty and nutritious meals and snacks for our patients and long-term care residents at each of our sites. Special diets may be ordered by your physician according to medical needs. Patients and residents are offered a choice of meals where possible. Please discuss any special needs or concerns about your meals with the Food Services or nursing staff.

No Smoking Policy

In keeping with the climate of health promotion and disease prevention, Riverside’s Board of Trustees has deemed that these facilities are smoke free.

Smoking by staff, patients, residents and visitors is prohibited within the buildings of the corporation and also on the surrounding grounds and property.

To contribute to efforts to regain an optimum level of health, it is the hope that patients who are smokers will consider attempting to quit smoking. However, should a patient choose to continue to smoke during their hospital stay, they must leave the hospital property to do so. All patients that do so are required to complete a Release of Responsibility, which acknowledges they are placing themselves at risk by leaving the hospital property to smoke and they understand that the Hospital cannot be held responsible of any injuries that may occur as a result of this decision. No hospital staff can accompany a patient off the property to smoke.
The corporation provides support to patients and staff who indicate a desire to quit smoking through the Smoking Cessation Intervention Program. This program entails a brief cessation interview with a trained member who can provide some assistance, support and direction in an individual’s attempts to quit. There may also be some pharmaceutical to support a patient’s attempt at quitting during their hospital stay.

Gift Shops

Our sites have a gift shops with these hours of operation

LVGH - Monday to Friday from 11am - 4pm
Rainycrest - Monday to Friday 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Emo - Monday to Friday 11am - 1pm
Rainy River - Tuesday and Thursday 1:30pm - 3:30pm