About Non-Profit Housing

La Verendrye Non-Profit Supportive Housing Corporation provides residents of the Rainy River District with housing and appropriate support services to individuals who require assisted independent living.  This is delivered through three programs:

La Verendrye Non-Profit Supportive Housing adheres to the following values in the delivery of the program services:

  1. Everyone has the right to affordable housing.
  2. It is better to live in a supportive community that to live isolated.
  3. It is better to work than be idle.
  4. Everyone has something useful to contribute to others
  5. The more responsibility a person is given, the more responsible a person becomes.
  6. Success is defined by each person.
  7. It is better to resolve issues with a person or organization that is seen to be creating the problem that with a third party.
  8. It is easier to live independently that dependently.

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