Riverside Health Care is committed to the establishment and implementation of ethical practices with all individuals that are employed by the corporation and/or access our services.  This is accomplished through policies, procedures, and practices.

Personnel are expected to adhere to professional standards of practice. Employees who are not governed by professional practice standards are to abide by behavioural guidelines outlined in Riverside's employee handbook.

There are expectations, in the form of a Code of Conduct, for everyone entering and working within our facilities. The Code of Conduct is posted throughout the facilities.

Riverside Health Care also conducts business and marketing practices with honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Ethics Committee
Riverside Health Care has a multidisciplinary Ethics Committee to guide and support the various disciplines within our facilities. The committe strives to create an environment that enables maximum participation in ethical decision making, providing a forum where ethical issues can be discussed.

What is Ethics?
Ethics is concerned with what is right or wrong, good or bad, fair or unfair. It deals with the proper course of action and the question "what do I do?"

Ethical decision making is guided by values, which are beliefs that influence attitudes, actions, choices, and decisions. Each person may view an ethical issue differently.

An Ethical issue is a situation in which:

  • One is unsure of what to do
  • Two or more values may be in conflict
  • Some harm may be caused no matter what one does
  • The decision may make one uncomfortable

Working in the Health Care System can cause many ethical issues. Riverside Health Care has an Ethics Committee to aid staff when working through ethical issues.