Rainy River District Hospital History 1925 – 2008

1928 - Canadian Red Cross Society built an Outpost Hospital in Rainy River
1941 - Order of the Grey Nuns built La Verendrye Hospital in Fort Frances
1943 - Canadian Red Cross Society built a hospital in Emo
1947 - Red Cross replaces its original Rainy River Hospital with a new building
1952 - La Verendrye added an additional wing
1969 - Red Cross replaced its original Emo Hospital with a new building
1975 - Grey Nuns transfer ownership of La Verendrye Hospital to the community (new name is La Verendrye General Hospital)
1979 - La Verendrye completed a Chronic Wing
1983 - Red Cross transferred ownership of Red Cross Hospitals in Rainy River and Emo to La Verendrye General Hospital Fort Frances Inc. The Corporation changed its name to Rainy River Valley Health Care Facilities Inc.
1989 - Rainy River Valley Health Care Facilities Inc. changed its name to Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc.  
1998 - Ongoing renovations to La Verendrye Hospital have been taking place over the last few years. A new front entrance, work on the rehab department, new nursing unit – St. Andrew’s and the moving of offices such as Payroll, Administration, Foundation, Health Records, Accounting and Systems into one area was done.
1999 - A new health centre was built and opened in Rainy River
2001 - Renovations to the Emo Health Centre were completed and the newly renovated health centre was reopened in February 2001
2003 – The final phase of the renovations was started. In just over a year, La Verendrye Hospital saw a great deal of new development and redevelopment of its existing building in the 1952 wing. An extension was added in 2004 and both the laboratory and the operating rooms were functioning in their new permanent areas. The Sterile Processing Department was then moved into their new department which is located in a redeveloped area of the 1952 wing. The Dialysis Unit was then relocated in the new extension.
In order to complete the renovations, the Emergency Department was temporarily located in another area while construction was done in the operating rooms, diagnostic imaging department and emergency area.
2005 - The Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care assumed control of the Rainycrest Home for the Aged in Fort Frances in March. They then approached Riverside to assume management of the Home which was under several non-compliance orders. The home was compliant by September and was reopened. Riverside was providing services and sharing resources in several areas, such as payroll, human resources, purchasing and finances. The Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care hired a consultant to conduct an independent assessment of governance and management of the Home and make recommendations for a permanent local solution to assure sustainable quality of care for residents and viability of Rainycrests operations. The first consultant recommended that ownership, governance and management of Rainycrest transfer permanently to Riverside.
2006 - After two years of construction, and another two years of planning and preparing, the Phase IV Expansion Project at La Verendrye is completed. Headed by Riverside Foundation for Health Care the $12.2 million project was financially supported by the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, Riverside Health Care, community members, organizations, services, clubs and businesses from across the Rainy River District.
In May 2006, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed that was expected to result in Riverside assuming ownership, governance and management of the Home.

On November 30, 2006 Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc. acquired the assests of Rainycrest Home for the Aged.

This was another step in providing continuum of care for the residents in the district.

In fall of 2006, the Riverside Foundation for Health Care began the “ Just Imagine” campaign to raise the funds needed to purchase a CT scanner which would be located at La Verendrye Hospital.

2008 - The CT Scanner was installed and became operational in August of 2008.

We can now boast first-class health care facilities in Emo, Fort Frances and Rainy River with state of the art equipment and superior services and programs.